Mr. Glen Chew - Seniors

Mr. Brian Sterr - Juniors (Head Coach, contact)

Ms. Isabella Shen - Sophomores

Mr. David Peng - Freshmen

Ms. Hong Yang - Freshmen

About the Team

The Stuyvesant High School Mathematics Team welcomes students with a wide range of abilities. The math team meets every day during 1st period. We are lucky to be able to offer a problem solving class for our math team students that students could take for all four years that they are at Stuyvesant.

Students are placed in different rooms according to their grade level and are taught mathematics problem solving techniques which should be helpful for all math courses. All students participate in the city, state and national contests, which are administered in class. Students in the Problem Solving class are considered to be members of the Stuyvesant Math Team. While there are some opportunities for students not in the class to participate in after-school activities, they are not full members of the team unless they are enrolled in the class.