Fall Selection for 9th Grade

There are only 68 seats available and typically around 300-400 incoming freshmen sign up to be considered for the team. As such, selection is competitive. The first round of selections is done using the placement exam scores, taken during Camp Stuy in June. After this, selected students will be invited to the next round and finally selected for the class.

Important Dates:

June 6th - Camp Stuy (includes 1st round of selection for Math Team)

June 15th - 2nd Round of Selection for invited students.

Spring Selection for 9th Grade

During the the fall semester, we will hold after-school tryouts for students wishing to join the class during the spring semester. Interested students should also be sure to sign up and take the AMC 10A exam, held in November. They may also sign up for and take the 10B exam.

Selection for Grades 10-12

Students who wish to join as sophomores, juniors or seniors will be considered on the basis of their AMC A scores. Priority is generally given to students who are already on the team. Tryouts may also be held for interested students.

Non-Selected Students

If a freshmen or sophomore is not selected to join the math team class, but is still interested in being involved with the team, they are free to attend after-school practices on Tuesdays. For Juniors and Seniors, they should ask the Math Team captains for permission to attend Friday practices.

Continuing with Math Team

If you are a student on math team and wish to continue, you must request it with your Talos requests for the next semester. Please note that you are not guaranteed a seat on the math team just because you are already on the math team. Selection will be based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to:

In addition, there are situations where the program office may be unable to schedule you for math team due to the unique constraints of the courses you have requested.